Results are in!

Testing complete!

Contented have just completed a series of tests run over the previous 3 years with some great results for some key Contented products.

Plastic Farrowing Ark Evaluation.

Data collected over a three year period, where comparative figures are quoted the conventional arks are: all steel Booth, Morgan, Harvey & half wood Harvey. all of which are uninsulated.  

Tiny-Tag recorded data shows peak Summer temperatures are 11°C lower.  (34° Vs 45°) when 28°C outside.

Lowest recorded temperatures are 4°C warmer. (8°C Vs 4°C) when -1°C outside.

Recorded mortality figures are consistently lower than in the farms conventional arks. No controlled trial has been carried out but sample farrowing data suggest a figure 20% lower. (10.4% Vs 12.8%)

Stockmans Findings

  • Considerably less roof condensation. 
  • Superior stability
  • Good light levels inside the ark helping with both stock tasks and inspection.
  • Strong, durable, long life construction that offers good hygiene, easy handling and a safe, stock friendly environment.