CON-TENTED Cleanwater

500l tanks setup in a lairage paddock

500l tanks setup in a lairage paddock

Con-Tented Cleanwater tanks are operating at a large number of units across the UK. The principle is to offer clean water direct to the pigs, free from disease and contamination from bird life and other pests.

The tanks are made from anti-microbial plastic which inhibits bacteria multiplying. The simple drinker nipple(s) ensure the pigs can consume fresh water straight from the tanks.  Trials were completed over a 3 year period and the benefits were soon evident - healthier pigs; access to water in minus degree temperatures and a massive saving in water.

Water testing has demonstrated excellent results against E Coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Biofilm, Legionella and others. 

Tanks are currently available in 250l, 500l and 1000l capacity but we also offer custom made tanks if required. Tank frames are also available.  The 500l and 1000l tanks can be placed directly on the ground with the nipples fitted in positions to suit your needs.  Farmers do tend to set nipples at various heights in the tank to suit varying pig sizes.

The Con-Tented Cleanwater system also has a positive financial benefit to the producer with a reduction in wasted water and reduced man hours required to operate the clean water tanks compared to traditional open troughs.


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Key Features

  • 250l, 500l and 1000l tanks

  • Provides water to sows, dry sows and finishing pigs

  • Brass inserts for drinking nipples

  • Infinite nipple position options to suit user

  • Water level indicator

  • Anti-microbial plastic

  • Strong and robust manufactured from UV stable PE

  • Saves water - less water use as no evaporation or displacement by wind or sows

  • Pigs still have access to water when pipes are frozen

  • Metal stands available for all tank sizes with 25 year galvanized finish



  • Anti-microbial plastic inhibits growth of water-borne bacteria and disease

  • Strong plastic construction makes the Cleanwater tanks tough and durable, approx 7mm wall thickness

  • Closed tank keeps birds and insects out

  • Saves water, one farm has halved their water usage when using our clean water system

  • Easy to dose individual groups