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In recent years the Farrow Feeder has become the widely accepted way forward when feeding individual penned lactating sows.  When these units are paired up with a clean water tank they provide perfectly for the needs of modern high performing sows.

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Key Features

  • Ample feed capacity

  • Easy to move

  • Easy to clean

  • Feeder can be used on its own without the water tank

  • Water capacity 250l drinker

  • Water level indicator

  • Made from durable plastic and 25 year galvanized metal finish


Benefits with the feeder

  • Prevents birds getting to the feed

  • Reduces flocks of birds gathering around the pig unit

  • All food fed to the sow each day is eaten by the sow only

  • Sow can return later in the day to eat more food so no requirement for twice a day feeding

  • Sow rolls can be replaced with pellets reducing feed cost

  • Feeder has the ability to hold the feed door open for sows not used to farrow feeders

  • No nutrient leaching into soil

  • Easy to control feed rationing

  • Reduction in feed required compared to ground feeding


  • Pigs have clean water all year round

  • Dependable supply of clean water even in short periods of freezing conditions compared to traditional troughs

  • Lactating sows drink more than they would from troughs so stay better hydrated, this enables them to stay cool, eat more and produce more milk

  • Back-up water stored in 250l tank

  • Clean water improves livestock health

  • Less water used due as no evaporation or displacement by wind or sows

  • Simple visual check of water level