Adlib Farrow Feeder with its optional dispensing unit.

integrated 1kg feed dispenser is especially suitable for feeding purebred stock and young sows where extra help is required to conserve body condition during lactation.

Adlib farrow feeder 2.jpg

Key Features

  • 80kg feed capacity per sow

  • Optional integral 1kg feed dispenser

  • Available as a standalone feeder or as part of a complete setup

  • Weather and vermin proof

  • Converts from a ration feeder to an Adlib feeder with a simple shutter


Benefits with the feeder

  • Prevents birds and vermin getting to

    the feed

  • Easy to control the feed quantity given to

    the sow which can save food and helps

    keep the sow in the desired condition

  • Hopper only needs filling around once a

    week saving time and machinery

  • Reduction in feed required compared to

    ground feeding

  • When coupled to our anti-bac drinker tank

    sows have clean water all year round