The Adlib Feeder is a simple yet highly effective feeding system that meets RSPCA and Red Tractor welfare standards.

The feeder offers a self contained feeding system for pigs of all sizes from weened pigs to sows. It comes with a four or eight partition base with an agitator system to maintain constant supply of feed for both young and adult stock, regardless of pellet size. 

Made from robust UV stable polyethylene and 20 year galvanized steel for long life and maintenance free service.





Key Features

  • 1 tonne translucent hopper as standard with feed level visible from a distance

  • Four way tine entry access for easy moving

  • Wide stable base

  • Suitable for all feed types

  • Adjustable feed outlet tube

  • 4 & 8 way partitioned feeding spaces available

  • Large removable lid for easy filling

  • Can feed up to 80 pigs and complies with RSPCA and Red Tractor welfare standards


  • Provides a controlled eating space

  • Visible feed level prevents the need for constant inspection

  • Suitable for all ages and weights of pigs

  • Little to no wastage of feed

  • Easy to move

  • Agitator chain prevents blockages and keeps feed flowing freely even in the most adverse weather


Eight feeding spaces serves up to 80 pigs

Eight feeding spaces serves up to 80 pigs