CON-TENTED Armadillo arc


Plastic farrowing Arcs may well increase in use across the UK’s pig producers, as the benefits become recognised.  

Con-Tented Arcs offer a great number of advantages over existing metal arcs.  Extensive field trails have shown them to perform very well in the challenging environment presented by pig production.

Development has taken several years, tested alongside traditional arcs.   Tests have covered environmental variations and pig behavioural habits.

Con-Tented Arcs offer an investment for the future.  The durable structure should have an extremely long life.  The plastic is UV stable, easily repaired if damaged and the steel sections are all coated with a 20 year galvanised finish.



  • The arcs are a number of degrees cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • The arcs are lighter on the inside, allowing easier observations
  • The design of the Con-Tented Arc allows the sow room to manoeuvre, reducing the risk of her stepping on young
  • Due to improved environment (less condensation) straw usage was reported to be reduced.

Behavioural Observations

  • Sows stay in the Con-Tented Arcs on hot days rather than digging holes for shade behind a metal arc, this keep the sow serving the piglets longer which increases weening weights.


Key Features

  • Durable plastic construction.
  • Temperature controlled rear window
  • Weighs 150kg.
  • 60mm air gap for insulation
  • Optional fully insulated with refrigeration grade PU insulation
  • Twin skin plastic construction
  • Flips onto back for easy strawing up and cleaning like conventional arcs
  • 25 years galvanized metal 
  • Flip up plastic fender
  • Increased weening weights as the sow is in the arc for longer periods serving the piglets
  • Little to no maintenance cost
  • High roof for larger sows



  • Reduced internal temperature range
  • Reduced straw usage
  • Increased weening weights
  • Offset window reduces through drafts.
  • Greatly improved life expectancy
  • Excellent lying space for both sows and young
  • The lifting frame makes the arc easy to move
  • Smooth moulded plastic prevents injuries.
  • Flips over for easy strawing up and cleaning
  • Less condensation
  • Stable in high winds