The Con-Tented Fenders were designed with three main objectives in mind - ease of handling; robustness and gentle on the sow.

The fender comes in the following options:

  • Conventional shoe which hooks underneath a traditional metal ark

  • Easy fit which can installed without the need to lift the ark

  • Flip up standard fender, also available with a drop front, can be fitted to traditional huts.

  • Flip up drinker fender as fitted to the Aardvark and Armadillo arks, can be fitted to traditional huts.

The fender has unique external lifting recesses which makes it much easier to handle. Balanced perfectly around the handle the design gives the operator total control during installation. 

Field trails have demonstrated the robustness of the plastic to withstand the riggers of pig production.  Fenders come direct from our factory complete with galvanized steel work assembled and ready for use.

Drop front fender

Drop front fender

Key Features

  • Smooth plastic shape

  • 20 year galvanised steel finish

  • Durable construction

  • Fully stackable

  • Unique external handles

  • Easy-Fit or traditional shoe options

  • Drop front now available

  • 140cm x 127cm

  • User friendly

  • Made from recycled plastic



  • Smooth finish prevents sow injury

  • Stackable for easy moving and storage

  • External step allows young to climb over

  • Perfect balance

  • Easy on the back

  • Internal shaded area for little pigs

  • Fully UV Stable

Drop front fender

Drop front fender

Easyfit fender hook system

Easyfit fender hook system